With the school holidays fast approaching many families will take the opportunity to head away and have some much needed time off, however that means your home is left in the dark for the better part of two weeks and could become a target for intruders. Here are a few tips to help protect your home during the holidays.


Be friendly with neighbours

If you are able to strike up a good relationship with your neighbour, then that will help not just you but also them if they decide to head away too. Your neighbour can keep an eye on the home while you’re away and easily keep you updated with any goings on at the home.

Lock it up

It seems obvious, but making sure you lock up your home properly will go a long way in deterring those who are looking for an easy target. Visible locks and double checking each door and window will give you peace of mind as you head out on the road, especially sometimes when it’s a rush out the door early in the morning.



Another great way to help deter intruders is having a few lamps around the house on timers, so it seems like someone is living in the home. A lamp from 6pm-10pm will give the illusion that someone is living there and to a passerby who might be looking to take advantage, deter them from going into your property. A timer can be used for all kinds of things, such as bringing the television or radio on during certain times to continue the illusion that the residents are home.


Family or Friends

If you have family or friends in the nearby area, it might be good to ask them to check on the home a couple of times while you’re away. Ask them to grab your mail as well, as a full letterbox will give away that the home hasn’t been occupied for a few weeks.