Documents & claims

Insurance is simply a contract between separate parties. Accordingly, it is a document-based product and having access to the right documents is essential if you are to fully understand the nature of your Insurance contract.

Whether it’s a specific policy wording, claim form, general advice or other document you require, please contact one of our offices and we’ll arrange for the information you require to be sent to you as soon as possible. It is also important that you have current versions of the relevant documents.

Disclaimer: The information and documents available via this website may not be suitable to your individual circumstances and we advise that you consider any document carefully prior to making any decision whether or not to rely on it or its contents.


As well as providing you with the right insurance product for your requirement, our services extend to making sure that any claim you may need to make is treated in accordance with your rights under the insurance policy. We will advise you on what documents you’ll need to complete and/or provide, what excess may apply and we’ll keep track of your claim right through it’s cycle.