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As a the holder of an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) specializing in “General” Insurance, we are able to provide insurance services across a broad spectrum of risk profiles ranging from personal insurances through to complex industrial covers, through to specialized risks. We do not deal in Life Insurance, Superannuation and/or provide General Financial Advice.

Our Experience

Nepean Brokers was founded in August 1977 by Sid Kinch (now retired), and operates from our offices located in Rosebud on the Mornington Peninsula and Seaford in Melbourne. We provide our services Australia wide, both directly and through an extensive network of other independent brokers. Secure, reliable and stable, we only deal with established Insurers with a proven record when it comes to claims & general service.

Experience speaks volumes when it comes to Insurance, and our experience ranges across all forms of general insurance and has been gained through years of dedicated service putting the best interests of our clients first and foremost. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Our People

Name Position Phone Contact
John Kinch Managing Director 03 8796 3500 email
Maree O'Mara Director 03 5982 2330 email
Sue Marchesani Administration 03 5982 2330 email
Ilona Nieszek Account Broker & B&B Insurance Specialist 03 8796 3500 email
Christie Wright Account Broker & Cyber Security Specialist 03 5982 2330 email
Paula McHenry Claims Specialist 03 8796 3500 email

Our Publications

Small Business Insurance

Insurance Policies are loaded with perplexing terminology and clauses. However, to make the most informed decisions about insurance, it’s important that you understand some basic terminology. Our eBook ‘Insurance Terminology: Some Stuff You Should Know…’ provides clear explanations and detailed examples of fundamental terms and clauses.

Insurance Terminology: Some Stuff You Should Know…

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